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Guidelines Meetings, Recommendation and Report


  • All meetings of the Commission are subject to the West Virginia Governmental Open Meetings Act, including notice with the West Virginia Secretary of State, and will be open and transparent. This includes meetings of the whole and any possible subcommittee meetings.
  • A quorum of the Commission must be present, either in person, telephonically, or webcast in which the member has the ability to participate in the meeting.
  • Minutes of the Commission meetings will be made and approved by the Commission

Recommendations and Report

  • Data or information needed for the Commission to explore issues will be requested by the chairs and pursued with urgency. Information resources from anyone on the Commission may be recommended to the chairs.
  • Members of the Commission shall strive to develop a consensus on all recommendations; at a minimum all of the recommendations of the Commission must be approved by a majority vote.
  • If the need arises, members of the Commission may add a dissenting opinion at the discretion of the chairs.
  • A report consisting of recommendations shall be delivered to the Governor by December 10, 2018.
  • The Governor and Legislature shall have the final authority on the adoption of recommendations.