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MINUTES: October 24, 2018 Full Commission Meeting


Summary notes from Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education

Phone meeting on October 24


Members participating: President Boggess; Ms. Cappellanti; Delegate Espinosa; Mr. Farrell; President Gee; President Gilbert; President Jenkins; Mr. Lee; Mr. Lewis; President Martin; Dr. Paine; Mr. Payne; a representative for Senator Prezioso; Mr. White


President Gee began the meeting at 5:01 p.m.  He asked members if they had additions or corrections to the summary notes from the October 2 meeting.  Hearing none, President Gee asked for a motion to approve the notes as submitted.  There was a motion, a second, and the commission voted in favor.


President Gee then asked Jay Cole about the agenda for the October 26 meeting at Tamarack in Beckley.  Dr. Cole replied that the agenda consisted of a presentation on students advocating for increased higher education funding by Mr. Hunter Barclay, Student Body President at Marshall University, followed by updates from the three subcommittees, a review of the commission’s timeline with particular attention to the December 10 deadline for submitting the commission report and recommendations to the Governor, and adjournment. Merely below an individual are invariably pleasant, combined with golden dragon you have no identical!


Mr. Payne reminded the commission that the governance subcommittee would meet at 11 a.m., also at Tamarack, to receive comments from the presidents of the public four-year institutions about HEPC.  Mr. Payne encouraged anyone who wished to provide feedback to the subcommittee to attend the meeting. 


President Gee asked if there were any questions or issues from the commission members.  Hearing none, he adjourned the call at 5:11 p.m.